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S/M/L Soundproof Sleeping Ear Plugs Earplugs For Sleeping Special Mute Soft Slow Rebound Student Anti-Noise Protection Earplug

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  • Description

    About the product:

    1.AFFORDABLE HEARING PROTECTION – High levels of exposure to noise may result in noise-induced hearing loss. Our tested foam earplugs is one of the premium qualities in the market, it will help blocking most of the harmful external elements like NOISES and COLD … It is recommended for WORK, FLYING, SLEEPING, RACING, SKIING…

    2.CERTIFIED PRODUCT – Our Earplugs are Certified and Tested. Certified by CE (European Conformity), ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Tested by PZT INSPEC, NVLAP

    3.QUALITY AT ITS BEST – Our earplugs is made of NON-TOXIC, DENSE, SOFT, PREMIUM PU foam, it is intended for professional as well as personal use. Its bell shape helps block most of the noises and seal the eardrums.

    4.EASY APPLICATION – earplugs are designed with smooth, soft, and professional grade PU foam for maximum protection, just press gently on the front and put inside the ear canal. DO NOT keep it on if you feel discomfort (readjust).

    Size selection:

    S size: women, teenagers, children and small ear canal
    M size: unisex
    L size: male and large ear canal

    Women: The small size is comfortable and the medium size is good for noise reduction.
    Men: Medium size is comfortable and the large size is good for noise reduction

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