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EVERY THINK Comfy Neck Travel Pillow Cushion, Airplane and Car Noise Cancellation Memory Foam Cushion U-Shaped Pillow

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  • Description

    Noise Cancellation Pillow

    Industria Noise Reduction
    7 layers of material barrier, reduce 30db of noise
    Using the industrial noise reduction module, combining with sevenlayers of noise reduction material and rigorous product testing, ourneck pillow can reduce noise tremendously.

    Bring back the peace

    three-dimensional NeckSupport +Industrial Noise

    Material description

    Made from High Quality Fabric.
    Skin-friendly andbreathable Fabric

    Mesh Fabric Earmuffs,Special earmuffs made of high-end earphones are notonly soft and comfortable, but also durable and wrinkleproof.

    Nylon support,strong support capacity, fast rebound, will not be deformed

    High-quality slow-rebound memory foam, comfortable and soft.

    Usage Scenarios

    Empty moment, full of vitality
    1 Cozy sleep on the flight
    2 Comfy ride on the road trip
    3 Short break at work
    and more time.

    Product data

    Package includes

    1 pcs of pillow

    About us

    A brand for the sleep lifestyle

    EVERY THINK as the innovator of healthy rest for human beings. Dedicated to helping the public establish a full-dimensional healthy lifestyle through ergonomics. Based on ergonomics, it integrates aesthetics, body sensation, skin sensation and support, while taking advantage of product technology and human data accumulation to provide users with a healthy resting lifestyle and supplies through all sense of life scenes, laying out a comprehensive intelligent health management field, and creating a pressure-free closed-eye lifestyle for the public

    We believe that taking a rest is necessarv for people to rejuvenate.People should be able to experiencea refreshed body and mind in any scenarios,whether it is a short meditation or a long nap. We are thriveoio integrate latest healthcare technology into our innovative and customized products that provide anexcellent sleep experience for everyone anywhere


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